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Food Clipart For Restaurant Marketing

These food clipart characters are available in royality free clipart sets featuring the cartoon food characters to promote food items, restaurants, food service businesses and anything food or restaurant related. You can buy individual images or the complete clipart sets. Logo design templates featuring the food characters are also available. This is just a sampling of our food and restaurant clipart characters. See them all at our main Web site.

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Restaurant marketing is brutally competitive and a cartoon brand mascot can give your restaurant a powerful edge. Think of all the things you can do to promote your restaurant with one of these characters. Get a lifesize cardboard cut-out made to greet your guests. Get window clings made to make the most out of your location. Put him on your signage. If you deliver, put him on your vehicle signage. We can even help you get a costume made so somebody can stand out on the street and draw more attention to your restaurant's location. Send him to local ball games and school events. Kids love our characters! Put him on your restaurant menu, cups and napkins. Table toppers too. Thinks of how more effective your coupons and advertisements will be when your spokes-character is pitching your restaurant. Why should all the big franchises have all the fun. Now you can too!

Put one of our cartoon characters to work for your restaurant right now. They will be the hardest working employee you'll ever have. They work 24/7, never get sick and don't take a vacation. Plus you don't have to train them over, and over and over again. Remember - we also do custom cartoon brand mascots for restaurants and restaurant chains.

Toons4biz is the world's largest developer of cartoon characters for use as brand mascots. We have more than 100 cartoon characters in stock, each available in their own clipart set. We also develop custom cartoon characters and do animations.

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